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Do your sales representatives typically start the fiscal year without a current compensation package? Does your sales organization struggle to quickly adapt its territories to changing market conditions? Are your sales managers relying on spreadsheets and manual data gathering for forecasting?

For many sales organizations, the current state of territory and quota planning is not flexible enough to respond to rapidly changing sales environments and is unable to provide crucial sales information when it can be most beneficial. Leading companies that proactively tackle these challenges in order to improve sales team consistency and deliver efficient market coverage ultimately see fewer missed opportunities and increased revenues.

Optimizing Territory & Quota Management with Anaplan

The most critical aspect to get right in your sales plan is having the right reps selling the right products to the right accounts with the right quota targets. Anaplan is changing how organizations manage their enterprise planning process by delivering a game-changing platform that sales leaders can use to provide their teams with precise territory design and quota assignments.

The Anaplan solution for territory and quota management enables sales leaders to develop a single view of accounts, allocate their resources where and when they are needed, as well as deploy quotas based on collaborative feedback with historical and current data.

The power behind Anaplan’s platform is its patented real-time, change-tracking, Hyper Block planning engine. Additionally, the platform’s multitenant, cloud-based, in-memory architecture allows for enhanced modeling and data-driven decisions in an easy-to-use interface

Implementing Anaplan with AttributeX

A leader in both the cloud market as well as in sales strategy and planning, AttributeX has a dedicated Sales Performance Management practice committed to helping companies shift to more effective planning processes with Anaplan without disrupting your existing technology ecosystem. 

AttributeX will help its clients shift to the “NEW” through its innovative and proven FORM methodology, focused on driving transformative outcomes through emphasis on design thinking, agility of scale, and powerful new tools to guide rapid, and predictable implementations.
AttributeX’s wide range of expertise and capabilities are specifically centered around:


We help our client in designing the industry best Territory & Quota  benchmarks and model  their current capabilities and identifies which capabilities require maximum attention. This process enables clients to quickly move toward a long-term solution and transformation plan with Anaplan

Business Process and System Transformation 

Following the agreed upon strategy, process, and technology roadmaps, AttributeX will build your Anaplan program and integrate it into your existing technology ecosystem.
AttributeX’s proven and repeatable RAPID methodology, coupled with delivery accelerators like proprietary Anaplan solutions to addressing common connected planning challenges, enables AttributeX to work iteratively to minimize risk to its clients and help them realize value much more rapidly.

Application Services

Clients should have confidence that their Anaplan solutions will keep working at their maximum potential. AttributeX offers capacity or SLA-based operations for maintenance and enhancements that include anything from application upgrades to data migration so that your technology resources remain focused on other critical business needs

Business Services

As well as helping businesses implement and optimize, AttributeX supports Anaplan on an ‘as a service’ basis. This service provides a strong degree of certainty in outcomes through SLAs.

By implementing Anaplan’s Territory & Quota Management solution with AttributeX, your organization may realize benefits like:

  1. Reduced operating cost
  2. Improved analytics for sales coverage optimization
  3. Intelligent quotas set from the bottom up, matching territory opportunities with sales resources
  4. Faster quota turnaround with automated processes and inclusion of all relevant data in one system
  5. An integrated sales hierarchy within the territory and quota planning solution that is used to enable strategy
  6. The ability to make strategic mid-year territory changes
  7. Increased transparency and communication across departments

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