Whether it's using a proven turnkey solution or a custom program, we'll bring our deep industry expertise to solve your unique needs. Our CIPTM offerings include:

Maturity Assessment

Center of Excellence

A belief in collaboration and the transformative power of People, Process and Technology

AttributeX Center of Excellence (COE) is at heart a group of people – experts in business process management, customer relationship management, and business domain, equipped with an arsenal of best practices and tools. AX COE is a self-directing entity responsible for supporting business users and shepherding complex projects to successful completion.

The purpose of AX COE is to empower enterprises to get the most out of our services and IPs, not only within key teams but across the entire organization. AX COE brings together the blend of our smart talent pool and cutting-edge technology from all parts of the enterprise, a COE can also play an important role in your digital transformation.

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