Enabling Effective Connected Planning the AX Way

Enterprise Performance Management driven by Connected Planning

Posted on: 21st May 2020


Over the time with growing organizational composition, the enterprises land themselves in extremely difficult and cumbersome reporting environment. Needless to say, the enterprises require intelligent driven connected planning solution that can reduce their efforts in a multi-functional reporting environment and help increase the productivity of an individual function thereby leading to an uplift in the total productivity at an organizational level.

Leverage AttributeX to Enhance your Enterprise Performance Management

Given the present situation of the pandemic taking over the world at a faster pace, the organizations require a better solution to upgrade their already existing setup of EPM.

AttributeX has identified an opportunity during this Covid-19 for a solution that integrates the financial and operational data and help achieve better results at the organizational level thus creating a win-win situation for the enterprise and the stakeholders.

Connected Planning is an approach to adaptive financial planning process. As per feedback from our existing customers, we observe that almost 85percent of the customers long for the solutions which include planning at a faster rate.

When an enterprise shifts from their regular ongoing solution to connected planning they can address different problems that impacts their expansion rate. Here are a few of them:

  • The planning accuracy and outcome predictability is the most important of all the issues that needs to be addresses at an organizational level.
  • It helps integrate different units of business onto a single platform where the stakeholders get to analyze the entire process in a single go without using manual efforts to summarize the reports from different units.
  • With the existing solutions of e-mails and spreadsheets, the flow of work is hindered. This can be addressed with the help of connected planning.
  • With different tools in picture, it gets difficult to focus on the goals to achieve at organizational level not to mention the costs being put into each tool.

We propose the Connected Planning approach towards the EPM, where we get to collaborate the data we receive from both the external and the internal stakeholders, integrate and provide a streamlined process in order to achieve meaningful and actionable insights for the organization.

Benefits of using Connected Planning:

  • Streamlines the flow of the EPM, as it uses the agile methodology where the inputs can be given to the system based on the changing scenarios.
  • It helps attain accurate results given the real-time changes and thereby reducing the errors.
  • It can foresee the demand given the changes in the present market as we know that the present market is based on the demand of the end user.
  • It integrates all the business units onto a single platform thus providing the stakeholders to have a summarized report using a single tool.
  • It helps eliminate the ongoing manual work of summarizing the complex spreadsheet reports, thus improving the rate of outcome.

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