Enabling Effective Connected Planning the AX Way

Enabling Effective Connected Planning the AX Way

Posted on: 9th May 2020

The overwhelming challenge out in the business world is the under-utilization of robust planning platforms to streamline workflows which are equipped to handle the data modelling and at the same time able to handle the constant changes in the business.

AttributeX enables a framework on Connected Planning Platforms like Anaplan and Board, where you can input the changes constantly and obtain the outputs at a better rate than the currently available techniques of using the spreadsheets which have a limited functionality. Not only that, we can also help you to connect the most relevant solutions to your existing models, without tweaking them much.

The Key levers of our Framework to drive Effective Connected Planning for organizations:

Process Transformation

Our approach balances speed and stability on connected planning platforms while maximizing business benefits.

By emphasizing on a client-centric design and operating model, we ensure the creation of an agile, digitally integrated organization through process assessment, benchmarking and identifying improvement opportunities.


With our certified model builders in Anaplan and Board, we can either custom build a model or leverage and configure our existing models to your specific needs, significantly accelerating time-to-value. We can take support project roles and bring in a solution architect and model builder(s) to build or complement your team.

We can add to your existing projects at any stage of your maturity level, be it support to your existing models, add solutions to the existing models without tweaking them much or build everything from scratch.


Our integration framework solves for two purposes:

  • Consolidate the information from business functions like sales, finance and supply chain on a single application.
  • Connecting the enterprise databases, BI systems and other tools with Anaplan or Board.

The framework could be leveraged to analyze the real time scenarios and optimize connected planning in an organization. The platforms provide seamless access to integration and collaboration from various units of the business to model the real time scenarios and derive meaningful and actionable outcomes.


We enable the client teams to leverage the interface allowing everyone to contribute their ideas and adjust the models accordingly to the evolving trend in the market.Next to the standard online training provided by Anaplan and Board, we support additional training of end users and guide your company in developing an internal Centre of Excellence, irrespective of the maturity level.

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